Here we replaced an almost useless closet with a custom built wardrobe for a master bedroom. These doors and drawers all pop open by gently pressing the cabinet front eliminating the need for handles and pulls.

Cobb Kitchen

The countertop for this Kitchen was an old bowling alley from gray lanes in Canton, NY.  Notice the black inlays noting where the pins would stand.  Another nice feature in this Kitchen is the drawer above the refridgerator.  This space above the refridgerator is often a storage problem because few of us are tall enough to reach into the back of a cabinet mounted over top of the fridge.  This is my solution to this problem.  All of the stiles and rails are cherry, and the panels are maple, all locally harvested, of course.  

Northern Lights Yoga Kitchen

This compact kitchen is made up of locally harvested maple.  The countertop is a recycled paper product.  These cabinets are typical of a european cabinet, which has become my cabinet style of choice.  Notice that there is no face frame, but that the doors and drawer fronts alone make the faces of the cabinet.  This style of cabinet can also be seen in the Brouwer Kitchen.  

Brouwer Kitchen

This project is a nice example of a Kitchen remodel we did in 2011.  This project required us to comletely gut the existing space, which allowed us to upgrade the insulative value of the exterior walls, as well as provide some soundproofing with the use of spray foam.  This project also included a 1/2 Bathroom, and a new dining nook.  The Dining nook was built in an old mudroom which lacked any kind of foundation, so we jacked the walls up and poured a concrete frost wall.  This allowed us to properly build a floorbox that would support a radiant floor and tile.