Glassed in Porch

This porch created a nice warm space on the south side of  this log cabin, which was the homeowner's first priority.  It is a nice space now for either hanging out on a cold sunny day, or to start plants for a garden.  

Screen Porch and Entryway

This screen porch was a nice project because it allowed us to work side by side with the Homeowner.  Together we hand picked and harvested the cedar poles necessary for the railing.  After that, our crew took over on carefully peeling all the bark off of the trees.  After this, we hand scribed and cut each joint in these railings to create the look seen here.  This particular house had three porches that featured railings like these.   

Porch in Potsdam

This porch is a nice example of our ability to design and build in a way that maintains the architectural aestetics of the home.  On this project, we replaced a little brick stoop and roof with this porch.  All of the molding profiles are exact matches of existing house details.  The original stoop roof that we removed had a similar arched  ceiling, so we worked that into the design.  I once told someone that I had recently built this porch, and, in disbelief, they said, "Really?